Monday, September 14, 2015


Can't believe this boy is 12 and that he is now a deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood. We did the ordination right after the block on Sunday in his brand new suit! He took of the jacket by this point of the day though. Thanks Dad and Mom for coming to be with us!

Asked Dawson to open his eyes a little more!!! End result!

Our family on his special day! We love you Dawson!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


This guy is now in middle school at Hawthorne! I can't believe it!!! He was able to show us around on the school's open house night!

Here he is at his locker.

Smiling with teeth (maybe I shouldn't ask him to do that again!)

And then we had him get on the rock and pretend to be a hawk!

And singing the song!!!

It's hard to believe that this little man is already in middle school. I have been assured by several parents to make sure that we don't blink. They are going to be out of the house before we know it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


First of all, I want to know how this happens! Yesterday, Dawson was born and spent a week in the NICU, and now he's already 12! This is an incredibly special birthday for him and I am so grateful that it fell on Labor Day this year so that everyone was home!

We had a special birthday breakfast for Big D and he was so happy! Then we spoiled the little (big) man with a birthday feast at Red Lobster! Yes! I think that this definitely was a huge feast!

He never ceases to amaze me with his zest for life and sense of humor. He is very witty!!!

He also heard the birthday song from a couple of the workers there!

And shared his ice cream with Faith! Please notice that he has long hair in the picture! That was not planned, but a fun little twist! Yippee!

He fell asleep in the car while the girls were shopping for family pictures. We were able to pull this baby off on his birthday too! Can't wait to see the end results! You are going to love them!

And a rush to get home where party guests (family) were already arriving. We enjoyed the best pumpkin roll (as per Dawson's request) and he opened a couple of presents (mostly clothing along with cash and a nerf gun)! Happy birthday Big D!

Dawson, we are so lucky to have you in our lives! This journey would not be the same without you! I hope that you continue to share your passions with those around you and write everything you think of in your journal! You are the best! Muah!

Friday, September 4, 2015


This was Kate's first daddy-daughter date and dance! She was SO excited! It was casual dress, but we thought that it would be so much fun if they dressed up. And I think a lot of other moms had the same idea. This was also a stake activity for them!

Kate answering the door

Who she found at the door!

Both so excited to have time together just the two of them

Brandon insisted on Kate getting a picture all by herself. She obliged!

We wanted to make this a special day with a keepsake, so Brandon got her a wrist corsage. She was in heaven and loved it!

Picture at the dance! I think that this is so cute!!!

They learned a Do-Si-Do dance and Kate got thrown up in the air quite a few times. Brandon said he was most unpopular because Kate went around to all of her friends to see if they had wrist corsages too! So funny!!! Thanks Daddy for taking Kate on her first date and teaching her what to expect from the boys that she will date in the future!

Monday, August 31, 2015


Kate was so excited to go to her first birthday party of the school year. McKenzie had an American Girl Doll tea party in Paris!!! It was so adorable! I had to snap just a couple of pictures!

Kate and McKenzie

The theme

Each girl brought their American Doll (though Kate doesn't have one, so she brought her baby doll - Ally) and they had a menu of pastries and fun stuff! I was very impressed and I think Kate is excited to party all year with her friends!!! Yeah!

Sunday, August 30, 2015


I was a little giddy thinking about Highland Football this year! This year, Connor is a senior. Watching the games when you know the people is just so different and a lot more fun! Also, this is Faith's first year in high school, so I have wanted her to get involved and enjoy her high school experience for all its worth!

This first game was the Rocky Mountain Rumble, an invitational to other schools to come before the season actually starts. Highland played the Caveman - American Fork High School. It was a tight game!!!

Jordan and Kate showing me who they are cheering for! Connor is #6!!!

Kate and mom

They have matching shirts that we had made!!! Kate has sparkles. All of them have #6 on the back!!!
Jordan didn't want to smile, so we had a retake!

Half time was 14-14. A tie. It was so close the whole time, but the rams pulled out the win - 28-21! Go Highland!!! Can't wait for the next games and the opportunity that we have to support Connor and visit with family!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


The first day of school was a great day for all of us! The kids woke up early to eat hot breakfast. I was so disappointed that Brandon didn't make pancakes, but the kids requested waffles. They loved it!

The morning was pretty overcast, but I still managed to take a couple of really cute pictures!

Kate - 8 years old - 3rd grade - Chubbuck Elementary

Dawson - 11 years old - 6th grade - Hawthorne Middle School

(Being funny and flipping the numbers! Haha!)

Faith - 14 years old - 9th grade - Highland High School


All 3 of my precious children getting ready to go!!!

By the tree

In this picture, I asked them to tell me how the really feel!
Kate - great and ready to kill it in 3rd grade
Faith - shaking head and nervous as all get out
Dawson - his hand gestures so/so

I walked with Kate to the bus stop (no makeup!!!)

Every year, I do an annual Yahoo/Boohoo breakfast for neighbors and friends. We meet at Geraldine's and eat breakfast while visiting. I enjoyed spending time with all of them. I was really surprised that I was mixed between yahoo and boohoo. I love structure and the school year, but I also was sad that the kids are growing up and that I have a new one at Highland and a new one at Hawthorne. It was great to get out though!

with Amber

with Ann

Weird angle, but still love the pic - with Mary Kae and Rachel

Adeline who started kindergarten!

And last but not least for traditions, I made 2 different batches of cookies for the kids at the elementary school bus stop!!! The kids were ecstatic to have something to congratulate them on the first day of school! (P.S. Echo ate 4 cookies on her own!!!)

It's going to be a great school year! Can't wait for all of the exciting adventures!